"they which follow the Lamb wherever He goes."

Fresh, comfortable, and high quality clothing, with a message... THE message! Blessed are those who bring the good news - the truth about the Lamb of God, who brings forgiveness for our sins.

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Lamb Forever Tees

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  • Shine Light on the Word

    We are seeking creative ways to represent our Lord and Savior, the Messiah. The Lamb of God. We have been quick to represent expensive brands that point to the things of this world. We wish to provide high quality clothing for your Holy Temple that shine a light on the Word of God. These times call for more from us. We pray Lamb Forever will become one strong branch in the furthering and spreading of the Word for the next generation!

  • Why the Lamb?

    Our story all begins with the Lamb, slain for the foundation of the world. May we all pray that our journey may end with our names found in the Lamb's Book of Life! Let your light shine before others. As a family of five, we sought to create an authentic brand and movement the young people in our lives could get excited about! All while keeping our Heavenly Father & Messiah at the front! We only wish to be a vessel for His light and His truth!

  • Join the Movement!

    We source the highest quality product we can provide. We prefer to use 100% cotton and natural or premium products wherever available. 3% of each purchase goes to providing children shirts for those who have subscribed to our email list below, but not been able to purchase. We also have a 7% lifetime affiliate commission program to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in Messiah to help us to spread the movement.