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We are currently sending invitations to the first 7,000 Lamb Forever customers for our exclusive affiliate program. We pay our partners 7% commission for our entire collection of products, for the LIFETIME of their customer referrals. We use Social Snowball and our partners have really enjoyed the simplicity, the tracking links, and the payout options available to them!

For a soft launch of our brand, we are hoping to partner up with a limited number of influencers. We are looking for influencers we feel are a good match for Lamb Forever. This is a real invitation. Entering your information below will automatically generate your personal tracking link.

*Your trackable link to share will generate as (firstname#####) so please use whatever word you would represented in your link in the First Name field. We will email a link to login to your dashboard!

We find that many brands prefer to pay varying commissions, on certain products, and for limited times. We want to our offer partners access to a potentially long-term positive relationship, built with our Messiah at the front! A working relationship that can grow over time and perhaps provide another offering to your following.

We only ever produce a maximum of 7,000 units of one product and no more than 700 of any one color of a product. We feature at least one new design each month and we will send out one of a kind designs to random followers and affiliates any time a color or an item gets retired.

We want you and your audience to be excited about what color combinations or new designs may come next month. We wish to continue to work creating an authentic and unique brand that shines a light on the Word of God. We are a busy family of five and we simply cannot do it alone. We need your help to make a difference in the future generation.

We pray that our Heavenly Father will use Lamb Forever to create conversations and spark thoughts that will change lives. We pray Lamb Forever may grow to become one small vessel of His Light, spreading throughout this world. One branch of the vine! We have to come together and build a genuine brand our children can be excited about. Send us! Use us!

Please register ABOVE now for your trackable link. *Your trackable link to share will be (firstname#####) so please use whatever you would like in the First Name field. Feel free to use any product photos or media on our website. Contact us any time if you have any questions or comments.

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